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Going on Vacation? Try Vacation Patrol!

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When most people think of guard patrol, they think of guarding commercial properties. While commercial properties and businesses undoubtedly have some important reasons to use security patrol services, there are some great reasons for residential customers to consider it as well, especially if they are going on vacation.

What is a Mobile Patrol

Mobile security patrols are a uniformed human presence that patrols around your home at periodic times. The mobile patrol is an active, visible security presence that acts as a huge deterrence to anyone wanting to a commit crime.  A mobile patrol is also proactive and can respond to problems, immediately contacting the local law enforcement.

Your Home is More Vulnerable While You are Away

The weather is already heating up and the kids will soon be out of school which means many local residents will be packing up and off for some adventure. Not surprisingly, the flurry of preparations is also a cue for those with mal-intent that you are going away for an extended time. Your empty home is a beacon for anyone wanting an extended amount of uninterrupted time to rob or vandalize your home.

Criminals Know the Signs

When you go on vacation, it is important to take all of the necessary precautions, such as stopping mail, using anti-intrusion systems, and home automation to simulate your presence. However, it is difficult to fool professional criminals. Even with all of your best efforts, they may see the one thing that tips them off that you are away on vacation. This is what makes mobile vacation patrol so incredibly valuable.

Benefits of Mobile Vacation Patrol

  • Mobile patrol can monitor for dangerous conditions
  • Visible security deters crime
  • Routine but unpredictable patrol schedules make it impossible for criminals to gauge detection
  • Mobile patrols keep the home secure from unwanted visitors
  • You can change the schedule according to your need and any increased risks
  • A mobile patrol unit can respond proactively and immediately to any threats or alarms, such as calling law enforcement and aiding them in locating your home
  • Additional property, such as parked vehicles are also more secure
  • Regular patrol allows the unit to get to know what is normal for your neighborhood, making any unusual activity stand out
  • You gain peace of mind

Every community is different, but no matter what the unique needs, Rancho Santa Fe Security Systems is up to the task. Our professional mobile patrol units make sure your home is secure so that you can have the vacation of a lifetime.

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