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Sun, Surf, Security, and Chill. San Diego Home Security.

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Living in the San Diego area is pretty sweet. As in SAAA WEEEEET. With the beach, top-notch restaurants, shopping, and other activities a lot of us spend a considerable amount of time away from home. Because of this, we rely on security systems to ensure our homes and property are protected. That’s smart. But there are many mistakes people make in home security systems and security practices that you’ll definitely want to avoid.

Over-Estimating Security Expertise

In our tech-driven society, it is easy to overestimate our ability to handle our own security. Just connect a few video surveillance cameras, a doorbell camera, and a couple of sensors and we’re good, right? Not. Even. Close. Real security is comprehensive and complex. A few cameras and sensors will certainly provide you increased awareness, but the most effective security is the result of applying the right technologies rightly, and that takes years of professional experience.

Misplaced and Wrong Security Cameras

Another common mistake is a subset of overestimating our security system skills– misplaced video surveillance cameras. There are many different types of security cameras, with many different intended uses. Once you get the right camera, you still need to place it rightly. Cameras are sensitive to many changing factors in your home, such as changes in lighting, glare, or obstructions. Avoid unusable home security camera footage by considering all of the elements that can play a role throughout the entire day.

Not Locking Doors

Sure, coastal life is laidback. But that doesn’t mean you should forego locking your doors. If you find yourself forgetting, consider a home security system that will allow you to lock your doors remotely.

Using Fake Security Equipment

Fake security equipment may fool an amateur thief but most criminals are very proficient at what they do and likely know more about security systems than the average person. This means they can spot a fake a mile away. Ditch the dummy cameras and bogus security panels and opt into a real home security system.

Leaving Things in Window View

Remember that a window provides a view into your home and its contents. Never leave valuables within view of your windows. This includes things like weapons storage cabinets, jewelry boxes, safes, or even your alarm system panel in view of the windows.


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