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Before You Remove Your Landline, Call RSF

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Today more and more people use their cell phones as their primary phone and are opting out of having a landline in their home. At first glance, it makes a lot of sense. But if you have a home security system that communicates using landline only, eliminating landline phone service will make it impossible for your alarm system to communicate, leaving your home unprotected.

Before you remove your landline, it is important to call us to discuss your options in ensuring your alarm system can continue to communicate with our monitoring center.


Landline Security Systems and Monitoring

Landline security systems are wired systems whose parts, such as sensors and the control panel, are wired to each other and connected to a telephone landline (or POTS, Plain Old Telephone System) to the monitoring center. When there is an emergency event and an alarm is tripped, it is communicated to the monitoring center through the phone line.

These systems provide very reliable signal transmission, however the vulnerability to landline systems is if that line of communication is cut, either by discontinuing landline service and not realizing its role in the alarm system communication, or the line is cut either by accident or sabotage.


Cellular Alarm Systems and Monitoring

While alarm monitoring using tradition landlines uses a dedicated telephone line to transmit signals, a cellular alarm system makes use of the cellular network to communicate. The sensors, detectors, and panel are connected wirelessly to the alarm monitoring center. The advantage to cellular alarm systems is that there is no line to be cut that could cause disconnection. Signal transmission is also swifter over the cellular network, however, it is dependent on signal strength and stability. Another advantage is that having your systems connected wirelessly also provides a way to control your home remotely via your cell phone.


Landline, Cellular, or Both?

Choosing a connection that is right for you depends on your needs and your situation. Both landline and cellular communication offer advantages and disadvantages, and either may be right for your home. Another option is to choose both. Having your alarm system connected by both landline and cellular connections offers the advantages of both and provides a double redundancy. For example, a landline works independently of a power supply while a cellular connection is not vulnerable to being cut or disturbed. This increases your security and provides additional peace of mind. Before you cut the landline, call RSF to discuss your options, and more importantly, ensure that your system is always in communication with our alarm monitoring center. Give us a call today! 800-303-8877

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