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Why Are Wellness Solutions for Everyone?

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When it comes to wellness solutions, there are a lot of misconceptions and assumptions about what it is and who it is for. Most people think it is just the old “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” emergency pendants that help initiate help in an emergency. Today, however, wellness solutions encompass many cutting-edge technology solutions that work as a whole to increase independence, safety, comfort, and peace of mind for every member of the household.

More About PERs

Personal Emergency Response Systems, or PERs, are small devices that can be worn and activated in an emergency. While in the past they have been used primarily for wellness monitoring of the aging, today their use has expanded to many other applications.  Here are just a few of the ways PERs is making life easier and improving safety and wellness:

  • Parents provide PERS devices for children as a safety device while walking home.
  • Used as an emergency device for children and adults with disabilities to increase safety.
  • For aging family members that are frequently alone.

Motion Sensors as a Wellness Solution

Motion sensors are another non-intrusive solution to help provide an additional level of care. Well-placed sensors can work together to provide a safety net that alerts you to abnormal activity, lack of activity, or keeps track of normal activities such as eating, bathing, or taking medications. This solution is helping many people live independently that may not otherwise have this opportunity.

Home Automation Solutions in Wellness

Home automation solutions such as smart lights, smart thermostats, smart locks and more are also very helpful as wellness solutions. By using smart and enabled electronics and lighting, you can seamlessly control the atmosphere for those with sensory issues. Smart devices can also be controlled remotely so you can ensure that an independent loved one is not forgetting to adjust the thermostat and prevent them from being exposed to extreme temperatures.

Home Security Systems Have a Place in Wellness, Too!

It may surprise you to know that home security systems have a role in complete wellness solutions, too. Home security technologies such as smart-locks allow you to ensure that the house is secured for the night and can alert you to unlocked doors and windows that could present a hazard. Video surveillance systems can give you a window into daily activities that can be accessed remotely. Together, these tools provide insight into the status of loved ones and a way to unobtrusively provide additional care that all of us need.

Wellness solutions help us look out for our families and extend our care. If you have any questions about these or other solutions, please feel free to give us a call. 800-303-8877

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