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California Wildfires

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If you are like us here at RSF, you are aware of the fires burning and devastating the state of California. At the time of this writing, the fires have claimed 66 lives with over 630 people still missing.

Thom Porter, chief of strategic planning for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, said the death toll from the Camp Fire, which took the town of Paradise off the map, is expected to climb even higher as search crews comb through at least 11,862 structures destroyed by the inferno.

“It is by far the most deadly single fire in California history and it’s going to get worse, unfortunately,” Porter said of the Camp Fire.

The devastation defies description, with witnesses saying it looks much like a war zone. Even more difficult to describe is the personal impact the fires have had on individual, families, and communities.

Our Thoughts are with All Those Impacted by the Fires

To all those whose lives have been impacted by these fires, we at RSF extend our most heartfelt concerns. We encourage all who can, please reach out to those impacted by the fires. There are many organizations providing services and provisions, and welcome donations and volunteers.

Here are some practical ways to help:

  • Donate to The Salvation Army or American Red Cross
  • Provide free shelter to those who have lost homes
  • Shelter pets

Observe Fire Safety

Events such as these highlights the importance of fire safety. In the home, business, and recreation, please observe fire safety.

Here are some important fire safety tips:

  • Install a monitored fire alarm system in your home
  • Have a fire escape plan at home and work
  • Keep debris away from sources of open flame
  • Store flammable products properly
  • Extinguish campfires properly
  • Keep fire extinguishers in the home, work, and car.


To stay aware of fire and other emergencies, consider downloading the American Red Cross Emergency App available in the app store.

For more information about fire protection, please give us a call. 800-303-8877.

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